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A Fintech company for Capital Markets

About Us

Though on one side the Capital markets have adopted Algorithm trading, the Front-office and Middle-office are still running on traditional technologies. Modernization here requires utilizing the vast power of Data.


Datazoic is a young Fintech firm trying to disrupt just that. Our unique approach focuses on generating cleaner Data via extremely high User Adoption - nearly 92% in a industry that has not seen more than 30% !


We achieve that via our PRISM suite - which is a Software as a Service solution consisting of a next generation CRM, Data Analytics & Dashboard; paving way for our futuristic AI system. 

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Simple. Easy.

Reach users at their most comfortable touch points - Outlook, Mobile..

Deeper insights about their Client relationships.



Data Integration   |   Data Analytics   |   Actionable Insights

PRISM SaaS creates an engagement ecosystem across 3 verticals - Asset Management, Investment Banking and Sales-and-Trading. It is a next generation data analytics platform that provides continuous integration with internal & external sources to keep the best data. It connects seamlessly with existing systems – OMS, Corporate Access, CRM, Commissions, Expenses, Market Data, Research & Distribution, Voice/Video data and more sources.

PRISM covers the Front-office and Middle-office functions of Sell-side firms - right from helping capture customer interactions and linking that with research, to delivering client relationship insights.

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